Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Long Awaited Return.

Well, I'm back and all of you can breath now. My sub-par posts can once again brighten your day as you gear up for work or wind down from it. It's not my eloquent speech, but rather the wide variety of topics the sports world has given us in the past few months that keep you coming back . . . at least the few of you. Infidelity, doping allegations, a 40 year old resurrecting his career, a swarm of coaches "stepping down" or being fired, _______ (fill in the blank) at Tennessee, and Alabama's rise to the top at the expense of Colt McCoy. These are but a few of the topics so graciously thrown our way. As I make my return to bush league journalism, I submit that I will visit said topics and more a few times a week. In the past I tried to write daily, but I wouldn't want to give you too much of a good thing now would I. Following sports is one of my many passions, and this is my outlet. If you are looking for off the wall, slap stick, and sad but true stories from the sports world you have come to the right place. Keep following.

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