Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Long Awaited Return.

Well, I'm back and all of you can breath now. My sub-par posts can once again brighten your day as you gear up for work or wind down from it. It's not my eloquent speech, but rather the wide variety of topics the sports world has given us in the past few months that keep you coming back . . . at least the few of you. Infidelity, doping allegations, a 40 year old resurrecting his career, a swarm of coaches "stepping down" or being fired, _______ (fill in the blank) at Tennessee, and Alabama's rise to the top at the expense of Colt McCoy. These are but a few of the topics so graciously thrown our way. As I make my return to bush league journalism, I submit that I will visit said topics and more a few times a week. In the past I tried to write daily, but I wouldn't want to give you too much of a good thing now would I. Following sports is one of my many passions, and this is my outlet. If you are looking for off the wall, slap stick, and sad but true stories from the sports world you have come to the right place. Keep following.

Friday, August 14, 2009

At Last!

I've made it. Football is back, and at its finest. For months I have been overcome by mediocre top ten plays, tennis, world series of poker and Lebron rumors that consistently are a dead end. My love for sports was almost extinguished, but then football rescued me from the depths, and provided hard hitting, acrobatic and strategic excitement I could find no where else. Many of you have had this same experience. Well, wait no more. College football and the NFL are almost in full swing, and brother have they ever given us something to talk about. From Plaxico Burress' re-enactment of Cheddar Bob in 8 Mile to Michael Vick's surprising 2 year deal with the Eagles. IT IS BACK! College football seems to be at new heights with returning Heisman hopefuls Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy. New questions arise around the country as USC will be starting a true freshman, and Ole Miss' Jeavon Sneed graces the cover of Sports Illustrated for the first time in the school's history. Several big stories have been set in motion, and we can only hope that the colors we don every Saturday will end up in the upper echelons of college football greatness. However, college football, while great, is rivaled by the NFL for a place in my heart. I assure you that professional football will be just as exciting as ever. Will the Steelers repeat? Can Adrian "All Day" Peterson eclipse 2,000 rush yards? Will Tom Brady bring the Pats back to the promised land? All these thoughts and questions are exactly why I love football. I encourage all who follow this to become a fanatic. Claim your tailgating spot, don your team's colors and for the love of all things football just watch it.

Check this out!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Small World

If you've spoken with me at all or even just read my profile then you know I'm giving my hand at golf. Not much of a player yet, but I have all the confidence in the world I could dominate anyone over 70. Well, not too long ago I showed up at the PGA Superstore to get fitted for a set of irons. After I had chosen the right set I decided to walk around the store and look the part of a golfer. Not long after did I run into Thomas Dimitrov, the General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons. I was stunned. I started reeling off any question I could think of regarding football. Most of them beginning with, "So, Tony Gonzalez....," and ending with an awkward pause. After a while it lightened up and we began talking golf and soon parted ways. I had to get on the horn and tell everyone I thought might care, and in the process I realized I didn't think about an autograph. I walked around looking for him, but couldn't find him. I thought I lost my opportunity to get a cool autograph, and then he appeared. He was walking out the door with all his goods (probably at a very nice discount). I grabbed the nearest white visor off the rack, bolted for the door out to the parking lot and yelled out to the cashier, "I'm not stealing this! I'll be right back I promise!" I was feeling great. I was about to get a great autograph. As Mr. Dimitrov was signing the visor he said, "Wow!" I was thinking he was gonna say what a great fan I was, but instead he replied, "What a great sharpie. I mean seriously this writes great." All I could do was say, "Well, I try to get the best," and then he left. What a small world it seemed to be that day. To be shopping at the same store as Thomas Dimitrov.

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Promising Young Talent!

Having lost great receivers in recent years as Troy Williamson, Sidney Rice and Kenny McKinley, South Carolina Looks to reload its air corp with Freshman Alshon Jeffrey. The 6' 3", 230 lb. jump baller looks to be the back bone of this seasons offense. Once leaning towards Southern Cal, Jeffrey chose South Carolina with these words, "I just wanted to stay at home and represent for the home state." I'm sure Gamecock fans across the board sure are glad you did. Jeffrey resembles, in many ways, Julio Jones of Alabama. The way he can get over top of coverage is eerily similar to the bruising style of Jones, and will most likely make Jeffrey the Gamecock's biggest threat in the air. As good as Jeffrey looks to be we can not discredit the rushing game that the Gamecocks hope to put on the field. Freshmen Jarvis Giles and Sophomore Brian Maddox hope to burst onto the scene with their bruising and slashing style of running. Not one to make people wait, Maddox put on a clinic in recent practices making quick work of All SEC Safety Darian Stewart. Don't look for this to be common practice by Stewart. He's been known to blast people as well. Overall, this year's Gamecock squad is young and very talented. While they have plenty to learn, I have no doubt their curve will be minimal. Look for Quarterback Stephen Garcia to lead this young bunch to the top tier of SEC competition in 2009.

(#1 Alshon Jeffrey in red)
All America Under Armour Football Game at the Florida Citrus Bowl on January 4, 2009 in Orlanda, Florida.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fool's Gold

For those of you who haven't been paying attention to the NFL's 2009 rookie class, it appears the 49'ers drafted arrogance. Receiver Michael Crabtree, drafted 10th overall by the 49'ers, is prepared to sit out the entire 2009-10 season or until he gets his money. Aside from the fact that his arrogance is going to get him blasted when he does decide to set foot on the field, there are already several things out of order here. First, Crabtree's adviser is his own blood. David Well's, Crabtree's cousin, has been the driving force behind the holdout from the get go. Believing Crabtree is worth every bit of #1 over all money, Wells aims to see this through. Now, I can't remember where I heard this but it is a pretty common saying, "never do business with family." There is just too much emotion rapped up in the whole thing when you are related. At least when you aren't related you can step back from the situation and gather some perspective, but it doesn't appear that's gonna be happening. Second, Crabtree and Wells think they can sit out an entire season and re-enter next year's draft to get top money. What a disaster this looks to be. If anyone thinks they can be removed from competing on the field for an entire year and still be ripe for the picking they must be crazy. He wont get top money he'll get less. Not just less than what he's asking, but less than what the 49'ers are currently offering. This whole situation stinks. I'm with every veteran in the league who thinks you have to earn your money. Crabtree will soon learn that a week long hold out is reasonable, but a season long hold out is just stupid. Maybe you should have gone to the Raiders Michael. Maybe then you'd fit right in with all the other nut jobs (i.e. Al Davis). I'm sure he'd love to spend a fortune on you.

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So I've been listening to the radio, and the host had this interesting question. If you could build yourself a football frankenstein (he said weird science, but I'll use frankenstein) what parts from which players would you put together to make the perfect quarterback? Now, I wont use quite as many in depth parts as this guy, but I'll use a few. Now, this frankenstein of a quarterback can only be compiled of current players.

Head (overall football IQ) - Peyton Manning
Vision - Tom Brady
Five O'clock Shadow - Carson Palmer or maybe Kurt Warner
Arm (distance)- Jay Cutler
Hands (not likely to fumble)- Anybody but Tony Romo
Accuracy - Aaron Rodgers
Legs - Vince young

I had fun with this question. I hope you can as well. Please comment. I want to see what all of your combinations would make.

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The Longest Yard

The public perception of Michael Vick standing idly by waiting on a bite from a team couldn't more off. Since his reinstatement, by NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, Vick has been practicing and trying to regain a glimmer of his old self. He recently stepped on the field with Newport News' own Warwick High School. Participating in several drills, giving pointers to the quarterbacks, and even taking a few moments to talk to the team about enjoying their time playing football. I believe this is evidence enough that Vick is pursuing better things for himself. All that aside. I understand that teams aren't exactly jumping at the chance for Vick to join their squad for publicity reasons, but you can't count out his athleticism. Since his release from prison I've heard several things to downplay Vick's ability at quarterback. Some radio personalities go as far to say that he is terrible because he isn't a great passer. So what he isn't the greatest passer, but you can't ignore the the extra demension he brings as a rushing threat. Any team right now could use Michael Vick on their practice squad. Helping your team adapt to rushing quarterbacks or wildcat offenses can only be a benefit. Just ask Bill Belichick after the September massacre against the Dolphins. Miami's Ronnie Brown put up 4 rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown against the Patriots out the "Wild Hog" offense. Now if you are going to tell me that Brown is a better passer than Vick then you need not comment ever again. The fact of the matter is that Michael Vick is immeasurabley more valuable than we think. He doesn't have to be your starter, but he can be a practice tool. He has done his time. Now, let him pick up the pieces and try to earn a living doing something he's good at.

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